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A marketing strategist, entrepreneur, + creator of the Side Hustle Starter Kit.

I’m a mountain + lake girl stuck in a beach town, an educator with a passion for business, and personal assistant to my dog, Mellie.

My Story.

Before I started my business, I was doing… basically the same thing. I’ve been a marketing consultant for over 8 years and worked with clients in finance, retail, medical, and even world-renowned speakers. While I loved every minute, I knew I ultimately wanted to branch out on my own. Today, you can find me brainstorming with clients, implementing marketing strategies, celebrating successes, and helping as many entrepreneurs I can find grow their businesses.

I created my first business plan in elementary school. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with building businesses, brands, and helping people surpass even their own expectations. Most days you can find me typing away on my couch or at my desk, snuggling with my dog, and working tirelessly to help my clients achieve their goals.

You wanna know what makes me different? I’m straightforward and revenue-focused. I believe in measuring dollars, not followers. I’m not going to sell you “the dream” and then wish you luck in trying to figure it out. Entrepreneurship is fun, terrifying, exhilarating, and empowering and we’re in this together!

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My absolute favorite meal is…

Pasta and wine. On. Repeat. Seriously, I could eat it for every meal.

I got into marketing because…

I’ve always loved business, I mean, I wrote my first business plan in elementary school. But I chose Marketing for the creative aspects and the fact that it applies to EVERYTHING. It’s not industry specific and is constantly changing.

My favorite thing to talk about is…

Business and sports. I love when I meet someone who has a business idea but aren’t sure where to start. I can talk about that allllll day. That and Clemson football.

My guilty pleasures are…

Ice cream. Binge watching Netflix. Napping. Preferably all at the same time.

The thing that I’m most proud of is…

Being able to help entrepreneurs take their very first step into business with the Side Hustle Starter Kit. It was a total labor of love, but I’m proud to be able to help those who otherwise might not be confident enough to take the plunge.

My #1 business tip is…

Listen to your audience, because you don’t have a business without customers. It doesn’t matter how great your brand or product is, if it’s not connecting with your target market, you’re back at square one.

On my days off, I spend my time…

We travel a lot on weekends, but if we’re at home, we lay low. Maybe go out to dinner or take Mellie for a walk.

Someday I want to…

Own a horse farm (by the ocean, if Jamie has any say in it).

My travel bucket list includes…

Norway is #1 by far. Hawaii. Scotland. Brazil. Africa. You name it, I’ll go.

Clients inspire me when…

They are excited about their business. That’s the fun part – hearing their doubt at the beginning and slowly putting the pieces together where they feel they can achieve (and exceed!) their goals.

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a little inspo

  • You never lose in business, either you win or you learn.

    Melinda Emerson
  • Dreams don't work unless you do.

  • Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.

    Gregory Ciotti
  • Don't just commit to the sprint, commit to the MARATHON.

  • The secret to getting ahead is getting started.


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I’m a marketing strategist, serial entrepreneur, and lover of growth (both personal + business). What to expect from me? Straightforward + actionable business advice that helps you grow your revenue and build the business of your dreams.

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