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Marketing Strategy Creation

It’s tough to make progress when you don’t know if what you’re working on is actually going to be effective. Get back on track with a complete marketing strategy that will lay out the promotional tactics, conversion process, and brand assets that you need to achieve your goals.

We’ll first schedule a kickoff call to talk about goals, what’s worked in the past, and expectations for the future. Then, I’ll spend about a week doing market research, competitor analysis, and completing the strategy to deliver to you. Once I’ve sent it over, we’ll schedule a review call where we’ll walk through it page by page to make sure everything is clear and actionable.


Business Coaching

Are you feeling totally alone and stuck in your business? Maybe you’re launching and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve been in business for years but have hit an unexpected plateau. Whatever your situation, investing in the right business coach can mean the difference between success and growth or total frustration. My coaching clients and I schedule recurring phone calls to discuss strategy, day to day operations, and specific marketing projects that we’re focusing on right now. We also work together to complete certain tasks and I see myself as an extension of their marketing team and business.

As your coach, I’m part strategist, accountability partner, and tough love giver.

Side Hustle Starter Kit

Not ready for a full-on coaching relationship? I’ve compiled (almost) all of my knowledge on building and launching businesses into my online course, the Side Hustle Starter Kit. With the course, you’ll get the complete guide, templates, and tools you need to launch your blog or business successfully, on a budget, and without all of the headaches!

It’s perfect for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, makers, artists, and dreamers. People who want to launch their business and aren’t sure where to start. People who launched ages ago and are feeling stuck. This course is for hustlers. Business builders. People who would rather work 80 hours a week for themselves so they don’t have to work 40 hours for someone else.


Marketing Implementation

For a select few clients, I work as a full extension of their marketing team and manage the implementation of the strategies that we outline together. I can build a new website, write email sequences, or even manage content calendars – whatever you need.


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